What is Family Protection?

Family protection insurance is a type of life insurance that’s designed to support your family in the event of the policyholder’s death. If you have people you care about who are financially dependent on you, a family protection policy could be right for you.

As a general rule, we think equate £10,000 a year per child up to the age of 21. So for instance, if you and your partner have one nine-year-old child, a typical recommendation is £120,000.

Unlike other life insurance policies that decrease over time, family protection cover remains the same.

Who is Family Protection Designed For?

Family protection insurance is designed for young families, but more generally, it’s for anyone that has financial dependents.

Often, we see families of all shapes and sizes take out family protection policies. If you’re a young couple, a large family, or have high monthly outgoings, a family protection policy could be for you.

The advantage of this type of policy is that, for an affordable premium, your family can have full peace of mind should the worst happen.

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